Local walks in Hyndburn

Our Theme of Sustainable Transport is all about encouraging walking and cycling and recognising the additional health benefits of increased physical activity. Walking and cycling are great ways to get out and about and find out about your local environment. Leaving your vehicle at home cuts down on greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions and therefore reduces global climate change; reduces air pollutants; reduces noise and congestion and improves your ecological footprint. Walking and cycling also increases your fitness levels and improves a sense of wellbeing.

Here is a list of some local walks for you to explore on your own. The local map is Ordnance Survey – Explorer 287 map of West Pennine Moors, Blackburn, Darwen and Accrington. Scale 1:25,000. Always remember to wear appropriate clothing, check the weather forecast and tell someone where you are going. Always follow the Countryside Code.

Click on the names to download the leaflet

The following walks were developed by Great Harwood PROSPECTS Panel, Hyndburn Ramblers, Great Harwood Camera Club and Rishton PROSPECTS Panel and were held from October 2013 to September 2014

The Great Oswaldtwistle Walk was started in 1967 by Oswaldtwistle Civic Society.

The annual walk no longer takes place and we think the last one was held in 2004  The walk started from Oswaldtwistle Mills and there were three routes of 11, 15 and 21 miles.  We only have the map and no detailed instructions but there are still quite a lot of the ‘GOW’ waymarkers along the routes.Maps leaflet 2002 walk plus the written instructions for the 2004 walk. Great Oswaldtwistle Walk (15 Miles) Download

*The above walks were developed by Oswaldtwistle Civic Society and the accompanying leaflets were produced during the 1990s.Therefore in order to enjoy these routes please use Ordnance Survey Explorer – West Pennine Moors, Blackburn, Darwen & Accrington Map – OS 287 in conjunction with the leaflets and check that all the PROW are open still on the definitive map.