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Up and Active SROI Results

A Social Return On Investment report has been produced about East Lancashire Up and Active Consortium by an external evaluator which demonstrates the value of the project to the local communities.

Up and Active is a project which runs across East Lancashire and aims to get everyone Up and Active. It is delivered by a consortium of five East Lancashire leisure providers – Pendle Leisure Trust, Burnley Leisure Trust, Hyndburn Leisure Trust, Rossendale Leisure Trust and Ribble Valley Borough Council.

With sessions based around exercise, targeted weight management activities, a programme of exercise for children and young people and a dedicated cardiac rehabilitation programme, there is something for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The majority of those using the programmes are vulnerable in some way, struggling to engage with mainstream physical activity, often due to ill health and a lack of understanding of what they can and can’t do.

The report revealed some staggering statistics, fascinating facts and wonderful health improvements to lives.

Some of the stand-out statistics include: Every £1 invested in Up and Active provides a SROI of £28.19; 100% of participants increased their physical activity; 14,213 people have better mobility; 9,907 people made new friends; 9,240 people feel stronger; 8,986 people feel fitter; 8,670 people feel happier and 7,230 people lost weight.

Quotes from customers include: ‘I feel more confident, have loads more energy and I have made new friends. I have left the dark place and moved forward’; ‘I’m now more active, as I was pretty much housebound and my mental health and mood has also improved. I can now walk without crutches and do my own shopping’; ‘I am now not borderline diabetic after losing two stones in weight’ and ‘The support received from Up and Active to begin exercising has positively impacted on all areas of my life and on my family life, as I am now able to enjoy more time with them’.

A spokesperson for the East Lancashire Up and Active Consortium said: “We are delighted with the results of the report which shows that so many people are benefitting from the services and activities we collectively provide and are feeling happier, more confident and enjoying life more by using our facilities and services on a regular basis.”



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