Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

A 12 week group education and physical activity programme for people that have a heart condition. You need to be referred by a health professional for this programme.

Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation is a programme of exercise and education, offering sessions which aim to help patients with vascular disease or those who are at high risk of developing it, such as heart attack, heart failure, heart surgery, stroke, angina or diabetes.

Our sessions are designed to improve lifestyle and promote a healthier heart. The programme offers a carefully controlled mix of physical exercise, relaxation and education with complete support and advice. We aim to offer support in reaching personal goals, giving patients a healthy heart and a brighter future.

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What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

It is an activity/exercise that will help you increase your fitness, general health, improve confidence and gain protective benefits to help reduce the risk of you suffering a cardiac event. Cardiac rehabilitation is a long term/lifelong commitment to improve your health and wellbeing.

If you wish to be referred into this service, you can be referred by your GP/Practice Nurse or Health Professional (Cardiac Rehab / Heart Failure Nursing Team). Please ask them to refer you and you will be contacted by one of the Cardiac Rehab Instructors.

Expected Outcomes

Our Cardiac rehabilitation programme is aimed to support rehabilitation of individuals back into their everyday lives and empower them to effectively managing their own health condition effectively. This will support a reduction in the numbers of individuals who are re-admitted into hospital through poor management of their condition.

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