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Community Solutions at Gatty Park

Community Solutions group walking through Gatty Park

Community Solutions is a social enterprise, which supports and empowers people to improve their health, economic status and emotional wellbeing. They do this by providing; befriending and mentoring, training courses, counselling services and offering practical support. Community Solutions works with over 200 agencies across the North West and with the help of 70 volunteers, supports over 400 adults each month, many who are vulnerable and have complex needs.

The charity is based in Gatty Park, one of Hyndburn’s prestigious Green Flag parks located just a short walk from Accrington Town Centre. The staff utilise the park’s place and space to provide a holistic approach to support their participants. Being active outdoors and in nature is beneficial for our mental health and instead of holding sessions indoors, when possible Community Solutions staff hold sessions in the park. These include: walking groups, walk n’ talk meetings, bike maintenance training and mindfulness courses.

Community Solutions provide private health for employees but more importantly enable and encourage staff to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle on a daily basis whilst at work. Staff often hold their team meetings outdoors, do stretches between meetings and colleagues make a concerted effort to walk around the park together at lunchtime. They find that being active and getting some fresh air re-energises them for the afternoon. The walk also acts as a team bonding activity and helps strengthens relationships between colleagues.

One staff member comments

“Where I worked previously I was never encouraged to be physically active, in fact I was deterred. I used to run to work but then staff weren’t allowed to use the showers so I stopped running. Here at Community Solutions the health and wellbeing of staff is a high priority”.

Another says

“I spent 20 years working in schools, wellbeing for the pupils and their parents was paramount but not for staff”.

The team have embraced the Lets Move Hyndburn campaign by downloading the app and joined in the steps challenge. Staff will also encourage their participants to use the app to track their physical activity.

Two staff members have recently completed the Workplace Health Champion Course. These staff members will be exploring new ways of embedding well-being best practice and physical activity into their programmes for the benefit of both their staff and participants. The Workplace Health Champion Training courses are available across Lancashire and if your organisation is eligible, you may be able to access Level 2 and 3 courses for free!

If you’d like to support your organisation to make steps to help people move more and would like to find out more about the Workplace Health Champion Course visit https://www.hyndburnleisure.co.uk/community/bhm/

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