Case Studies

We asked our Up and Active Customers to tell us in a few words about their experiences of the scheme

Ann and Bernard Mullany have completed the Up & Activity Physical Activity and Weight management programmes at Mercer Hall Leisure Centre

Ann’s experience of the Up & Active service– I have managed to lose almost 4kg over the last 12 weeks despite the last few weeks being the run up to Christmas and party times. I had a hip replacement earlier in the year and before and after the operation I have not been as active as I would normally have been. Attending the Up & active Programme has been a great kick start into getting back my fitness levels. Before the programme I was heavier than I was comfortable with and noticeably unfit, for example, walking up the hills where I live I was out of breathe, puffing and panting. I have noticed a big improvement in my fitness levels, there is still some way to go yet but I am confident that I can gradually improve this.

Hayley and the other Up & Active staff have been great and very supportive and helpful and Hayley in particular has been brilliant with the healthy eating information and guidance. The facilities have been excellent in choices of exercise, gym, classes, swimming etc. Although my choice of exercise has been reduced somewhat due to the hip replacement there have been alternatives to pursue.

I found it very helpful to have a structured programme and to enjoy it as a group activity, we encourage one another and make more effort to attend the sessions. I am aware I have more energy and therefore that boosts confidence and also more fun which in turn improves mood which makes me feel happier about myself.

I and my husband joined the classes together which has been beneficial to us both in a number of ways.

Thank you to Hayley, Zuber and Casey I have enjoyed the sessions over the last 12 weeks and will be looking to continue to exercise. I have and I will carry on recommending the Up & active programme to others.

Bernard’s experience – I can only reinforce everything that Ann has said above. It definitely helped joining the programme as a couple and also the camaraderie of the group.

Linda Johnson has just completed the weight management programme.

I joined the programme after a visit to her doctors for a health check, I was told I was border line diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. She suggested I do the Up and Active programme as she preferred me to help myself with diet and exercise, rather than put me on medication. So with the help of Hayley and Zuber I have been coming to the gym three times a week, who are so helpful with the equipment, what to use and how to use it. With the talks Hayley gave for diet etc. I have completely turned my diet around cut out sugar and fat so I now feel much healthier which I have had from support. I now feel I have a much healthier lifestyle and after some recent blood tests have now become back in the normal range, I am now not borderline after losing two stone in weight.

Zuber has always been on hand to help or ask him anything. Also I have met some nice people who are also on the course and hopefully we will continue to visit the gym and keep maintaining what we have achieved with the help of Hayley and Zuber. Once again I would like to thank them because without their support I don’t think I could have done it.

I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle.

Bob, from Hyndburn, joined Up and Active in 2016 after suffering a heart attack.  He joined one of our cardiac rehab programmes and has been exercising with us ever since.  In his own words, Bob explains how he’s found getting Up and Active has helped him recover and gain confidence.

Before starting the programme, I had low confidence in my physical abilities and recovery process.  The programme has given me the confidence to get more active.  I no longer worry that ‘it will happen again’.  The staff are well trained and approachable – when it can take 3 or more weeks to get a GP appointment, it is helpful to know that there are qualified staff with whom I can talk.

Also, it’s useful to compare notes with other people in similar situations.  We are able to discuss issues regarding medication, diet, lifestyle and that’s helpful.  

The social aspect is also important to me, it’s easy to give up on exercise programmes if you’re not doing it alongside others.  In a strange way, there is a sort of group commitment to get well/better together.  It’s all too easy to find excuses to give up when exercising alone.

Regular weighing is useful, again I find more encouragement to lose weight when I’m doing it alongside other people.  It’s another good thing to share and get immediate feedback and support.

I would and have recommended the service to family members and friends, they appear to think they have to be directed by their GPs before they attend, but in fact they can just contact the team directly.

I would have liked to have had a similar programme available to me on retirement (at a reasonable cost), perhaps it could have helped to prevent me ending up suffering a cardiac arrest.  In the long run, exercise programmes must be much cheaper than medication and/or medical intervention.

Terry from Hyndburn has written a testimonial about the cardiac class he attends there.

The cardiac rehabilitation programme is first class in every way.  Marie, Mark and Zuba always have lots of time for you, they advise you throughout the class if you are feeling breathless, etc.  They provide chairs and alternative exercise for those who cannot stand for long periods.  They are most helpful in administrative ways as well as physical exercise; one of them walks among you throughout the exercise sessions coaching you and advising you if you require it. 

The classes are quite informal and fun, but they can be totally serious and professional as required.  I have found the sessions very beneficial to my health and I look forward to attending.  When tested after three months, I could walk 380 metres further than when tested at the commencement of the course. 

In conclusion, I would like to stress how good the staff are and their willingness to help in any way is very commendable.  The sessions are not only beneficial to our health, but enjoyable and fun to partake in.  Long may they continue.