Active Hyndburn Case Studies

Hear what our members have to say about Active Hyndburn reading the Case Studies below or clicking on the links!

Lynne Coogan. 
Had done a few Races for Life with work colleagues about ten years ago, but was in a serious car crash six years ago, which made me feel really lucky to be alive.

A year ago had flair up of back problem from crash, needing physio, and led to referal to sports centre gym with aim of strengthening back and improving core strength. At the time my main exercise was Zumba with Active Women, which I started when made redundant from work the year before.

Coming up to my 65th birthday this year, had had ambition to complete 10K Manchester Run, (While I still could).  I was using treadmill at the gym, and at my mid assessment discussed this ambition with Mark, my assessor. My son entered me for the race over Christmas, so it was now real and I needed to start running. Not so easy on your own in the dark.

Active Women published a new leaflet for 2014 classes, on a page near the back I spotted a running group starting locally on a Monday evening, and thought YES. I went along on the first Monday, feeling a little nervous, but I was put at ease by Sally, and have been attending ever since.

I have improved in confidence, strength and stamina, and find running with a group very beneficial and enjoyable. Sally entered me for the Accrington10K run, I’m still not sure how, but I completed it in a reasonable time. I’m now comforted by the thought that I’m better prepared for Manchester, and it’s FLAT!

When entering for the run it asked for your charity of choice, and off the cuff I said Cancer Research. Since this time my son’s partner’s Mum has died of cancer, she was 3 years younger than me, and at the time had no idea she was ill. So in addition to all the above I feel like I am doing a little bit to help by raising money for this charity.

Yvonne Bury

The Active Women project has helped me in many ways as in 2009 I had a hysterectomy which left me with many complications and it was during this time I decided to join the Active Women programme, since then my fitness has improved dramatically with taking part in classes, this has helped me with my self-esteem, the enjoyment and feel good factor I get from the class is immense it has helped my physical and mental well-being.

Weight loss was never my goal but a better improved body toning along with feeling fitter and better about myself through being active is considerably noticeable, I have met some amazing people who I would never have met without Active Women.

It has definitely changed my life, all the instructors are incredibly supportive and motivate us all well, I wish to continue with the classes as long as they are available in the future, Active Women have a diverse range of classes so something for everyone with reasonable costs.