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Let’s Move Hyndburn – Summer 2021 Challenge!

The first Let’s Move Challenge went amazingly well! Together, we moved a total of 3811km! That’s the distance from Hyndburn, to Lake Melville in Canada!




We are challenging the community to move more this Summer. Let’s Move Hyndburn is supporting the Hyndburn community to become a Healthier Hyndburn by moving more anyway you can. From nothing to something and something to more. Anything goes! From gentle walks and jogging to marathons and cycling. For those who cannot leave your home, you can join in with home exercises such as; garden steps, seated feet tapping and walking up and down the stairs!

We will update an interactive map with your steps to show how far we can travel as a community. Can we beat our distance from the first challenge? Let’s move Hyndburn, together we can do this!

Download the FREE mywellness app to record your activity, available in App Store & Google Play!




You can join the challenge by downloading the Mywellness App, which is available for FREE on the App Store and Google play. Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step bullet points further down.


  • Step 1: Visit and create your account. This is to ensure that when you download the APP you will be directed to the correct centre. (Missing out this step could cause an issue with your account setup. Please contact if you have any issues.)


  • Step 2: Click on either App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and search for MyWellness. Click on download – this is FREE of charge.


  • Step 3: See step 1 – once you have created your account you can continue with the email you setup with. When setting up, you will be asked to enter a series of details including name, email, height, weight, etc., This is so the APP can accurately track your progress, and cater information for you personally.


  • Step 4: To join the Let’s Move challenge all you need to do is scroll down the homepage of the App until you see a selection of challenges under JOIN OUR CHALLENGES. Click on the Let’s Move Challenge and then select, JOIN THE CHALLENGE in the yellow pop up box. You will then be signed up to the challenge. To check your progress go the My movement page.
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