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Let’s Invest Ideas

Let’s Invest Ideas

Applications open on Wednesday 23 September and close midday Friday 6th November 2020

Let’s Move Hyndburn

Hyndburn is one of the six boroughs who form part of Sport England Pennine Lancashire’s Local Delivery Pilot, Together an Active Future. Together an Active Future, Let’s Move Hyndburn, is an innovative approach to tackling physical inactivity and is focussed on creating an active community based on People ∙ Places ∙ Ownership


The Let’s Invest Ideas, are asking applications to encourage people who are usually less active or inactive to start or increase the amount of activity levels and to think creatively about how they can encourage people to move more. This initiative was born and is routed with 9 core delivery principles – to ensure that we provide a consistent approach that initiates change that is not only daring and bold, but sustainable long term.

  1. Remain focused: ensure that ideas, plans and projects will help physically inactive people.
  2. Build sustainability into all plans from the start: think longer term.
  3. Continue to be led by communities, not delivered to them: demonstrate involvement of local people in gaining insight and building solutions.
  4. Really think about what needs to be different to make a difference for the intended audience(s).
  5. Willingness to be bold, try new things, and dare to be different – always with a clear purpose.
  6. Nurture collaborations and partnerships that strengthen local delivery and build capacity in the long term.
  7. Think about the wider (whole) system approach: how can we affect a larger, more significant change around any issue?
  8. Combine the use of insight, feedback and data together: demonstrate consideration of the diversity of local communities.
  9. Learn from ‘failures’ and ‘success’ in equal measure: a test and learn mind-set every step of the way


Small grants up to £2,000 are available for voluntary and community groups, charitable organisations and social enterprises to encourage more people in Hyndburn to move more. If you wish to apply but do not meet the criteria, please get in touch as we can help you look into possible partnership work or identify an organisation that could apply on your behalf.

All successful applicants are required to become part of Let’s Move Hyndburn network that promotes people to be more physically active.

Please download the document below for more information and the application form 🙂

Let’s Move Hyndburn Invest Ideas application form V4

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