Covid-19 Health & Safety Info

We are excited to welcome you back to Hyndburn Leisure Centre! After more than four months of closure due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to say that our phased reopening plan is under way.

We have new policies and social distancing guidelines to follow, so please keep an eye out for the new signage around the centre. Our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure the safety of both our team and our loyal customers.

Code of Conduct:

As we prepare for a new way of living and working, our fundamental concern is to ensure that our facilities are safe for our employees and the public.  Over the next few months, Hyndburn Leisure plans to reopen facilities and services as follows:

Work is currently taking place to understand the best model for reopening Mercer Hall Leisure Centre.  Due to the layout of the facility and limited space on-site, social distancing is more challenging than at our other facilities.  Unfortunately, during lockdown, essential maintenance requirements have also been identified, which we are addressing. We hope the facility will reopen from October but have yet to finalise what activities will be available and opening times.  It is also important that we fully understand the financial impact that reopening the facility will have on the Trust.

We will continue to share updates and reopening plans for facilities and activities across our Social Media pages and on our website. In the meantime, thank you for your continued patience and support.