Jodie’s Story

I started volunteering for the Hyndburn hub right from the start before it went ‘live’ in the community as I had had to leave work before the schools closed to shield.

What started with offering to help sort a few spreadsheets quickly became running the hyndburn hub shop and drop service alongside Kimberley Whitehead.

I felt compelled to give something back to my community and support our most vulnerable members. Working alongside 100s of dedicated volunteers was an absolute pleasure and our work went so much further than organising shopping, especially to those with nobody else to lean on, we became their friends and support network.

We very quickly became a solid team, looking out for those who needed it the most and supporting each other through some tough and worrying times.

I have met many people whom I hope will remain friends and have gained so many connections and valuable networking opportunities. I also have gained a place on the community action network team spreading important messages and information to our community.

I really enjoy being an active volunteer in the community and hope to continue to do so for as long as I can. It’s such a humbling yet rewarding experience.

Being back at work at Accrington academy has limited my availability to volunteer, but it has been lovely to tie it all in together.

Our Academy set up a logistics team to deliver work packs and essentials to students and helping out in the community during lockdown which I was a member of.

Whilst out delivering for school we collected packs from the Hyndburn baby bank and delivered them whilst ‘en route’, we also stopped off to lend a hand sorting and organising where we could and also collected items for the Hyndburn Food bank.

In July I won a ‘lockdown legends’ award for Community work from Accrington Academy during a special online awards ceremony to celebrate our achievements and resilience as a school.

It’s really been a fantastic experience and long may it continue!