Helen’s Story

I have been volunteering for the Great Harwood Response Team since it was set up at the beginning of lockdown. I currently shop for a lady who is housebound and whose only family lives over a hundred miles away. My own parents also live many miles away and whilst they are still fit and active, they are also in the age bracket which was advised to shield. I am fortunate to have other family members who live nearby and can help out if necessary. If that wasn’t the case I would be desperately worried about them and would love to know that there were people in their town who were helping to look after those who are vulnerable.

Over the weeks of lockdown I have got to know my new friend in Great Harwood and also her daughter through WhatsApp and phone calls. It feels good to know that the time we spend chatting when the shopping is delivered and the ‘extras’ that have been provided such as the bingo, puzzle books and celebration cakes etc. have been so appreciated and have helped to ease the struggle of lockdown a little.