Feelgood Suite

Feelgood Suite

#This Girl Can join a new revolutionary workout! We call it the Feelgood Suite because we guarantee you’ll feel good when you see the new you! Trim down, tone up, improve strength, feel great and look fantastic, all because you want to. Watch the video to take a tour of the exclusive workout zone for women only! Memberships start from less than £1 per day and include free use of the swimming pool, sauna, steam room and vibration plate! 

Big savings to be made when paying in full on our annual membership offer
Don’t hesitate make the change and call now to book a free taster session on 01254 385945.

When you walk into Hyndburn Leisure Centre’s FeelGood Suite, the first thing you’ll notice is the friendly atmosphere and the relaxing, spa like surroundings.

All FeelGood Suite members use the same equipment, for the same amount of time and the equipment has been designed so that it can be used by everybody, irrespective of age, mobility, and weight or fitness level. It is also suitable for many members with conditions such as MS, Fybromalgia, Stroke, Back pain, ME, Arthritis, joint replacements and many others.

Our pre-defined, 30 minute circuit offers members a work out which exercises all the major muscle groups and because the entire circuit is equipment based, there are no awkward or embarrassing moments where you have to jog on the spot or perform sit ups in between. Everyone simply uses each piece of kit in turn and because it is power assisted, it can be used actively or passively, so the person next to you has no idea whether you are trying your hardest or having a bit of a breather! Of course the more you put in the more you will get out, but the beauty of it is that even if you need to take a quick rest and allow the equipment to move you, it has still been proven to provide health benefits!

Because the Feelgood Suite uses Power Assisted Exercise Equipment, rather than resistance based equipment, it is far more inclusive than any other solution on the market. With our equipment, you get the best workout by working along WITH the machine NOT against it! The Feelgood Suite truly brings you the smartest, easiest, most intelligent work out on the market and all with guaranteed results.The Feelgood Suite is a ladies only toning room.

The Feelgood Suite is available at Hyndburn Leisure Centre and Mercer Hall Leisure Centre at the following times:

  Hyndburn Feelgood Mercer Hall Feelgood
Monday – Thursday 7.30am – 8pm 7.30am – 8pm
Friday 7.30am – 7.30pm 7.30am – 7pm
Saturday 9am – 4.30pm 9am – 1pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm 9am – 12noon