Squash Ladder

Squash Ladder

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The Squash ladder is intended to encourage friendly competition and aid players in finding partners at their approximate level of skill. We try to keep the rules as simple as possible in line with England Squash.

 Monday to Friday 7am-5pm £5 per game (offer expires 30th November – maximum 2 players)


1 Tom McVicker
2 Dave O’Mara
3 Robert Moss
4 Raymond Threlfall
5 Craig Byrom
6 Richard Smith
7 Mark Perkins
8 Matt Lee
9 Robert Slinger
10 Kevin Grimshaw
11 John Powell
12 Rob Dawson
13 F.A.Heys
14 David Roberts
15 Jason Chadwick
16 Phil Wright
17 Lewis Holden
18 Thomas Ingham
19 Tim Scott-Miller
20 James Holden
21 Joe Cirino
22 Craig Bradshaw
23 James Highton
24 Aaron Duxbury
25 Chris Jay
26 David Cuthbertson
27 Micheal Brown
28 Simon Rimmington
29 Johnny Tate
30 David Porter
31 Paul Hatcher

1)      A player can only challenge the person up to 4 places above them on the ladder.Ladder Rules:

2)      New players will enter the ladder at the bottom.

3)      If the lower ordered challenger wins they move to the place occupied by the higher player who would then move down one place (this should result in inactive players slowly being filtered to the bottom of the ladder). If the higher ordered challenger wins then the ladder order does not change.

4)      If a player is challenged, he/she must play the match within 2 weeks. If the challenged won’t play in that time then the match is defaulted to the challenger. This stops slackers clogging up the ladder. Please only accept one challenge at a time on a first come first serve basis. Please inform Karen if a player cannot play within the 2 week challenge time.

5)      A player who is inactive during a whole month will drop down one place for the next month.

6)      Results should be entered onto a match card which are collectable from reception and should be handed in to Karen or reception in her absence as soon as possible. Both players must sign the match card to confirm the score.

7)      The cost of the court should be split between the players (payment should be made before play commences).

8)      It is the challengers’ responsibility to book the court (this can only be done 7 days in advance).

9)      If fixtures are missed without a minimum of 24hrs notice prior to match time the court fees will still be payable.

10)  The court booking will be charges at normal booking rate. (Please contact reception on 01254 385945 for more details). Each session is 40 minutes.

Rules of Play

1)      Ladder matches are best of 5 games.

2)      Games are scored to 11 points. Either player may score points. The server on a winning rally scores a point and retains the service the receiver on the winning rally scores a point and becomes the server.

3)      If a game score reaches 10-all the game continues until one player leads by 2 points.

4)      Official Rules are those of England Squash.

5)      It is recommended that all matches to be played with a standard yellow double dot ball.

The ladder will be updated on a weekly basis. The result and a new ladder will be changed on the board and the website by Karen.

For more information or an please contact Karen on 01254 385945 ext 215 or email karen.hudson@hyndburnleisure.co.uk

Application forms can be collect from reception and are to be returned for the attention of Karen at Hyndburn Leisure Centre, Henry Street, Church, Accrington, BB5 4EP.