Sauna and Steam

Sauna and Steam

Great offers on our newly refurbished sauna and steam rooms at both Hyndburn Leisure Centre and Mercer Hall Leisure Centre.

We have made massive improvements to our sauna and steam facilities, why not see for yourself! Choose our Sauna and Steam Membership package for only £27.50 per month or pay as you go!

Click the links below for opening times:

Hyndburn Leisure Centre

Mercer Hall Leisure Centre

We have single sex and mixed sessions available to suit all.


If you are in reasonable health the benefits of using a sauna are significant. When you take a sauna, the heat increases blood circulation near the skin and stimulates sweating. This helps the body cleanse itself and improves general circulation. Just be sure you drink plenty of water to replace what you are losing.

Steam room

The steam room offers similar benefits of a traditional sauna, yet is ideal for those with breathing difficulties or asthma. As fresh stream moves around the suite, the heat cleanses and refreshes without discomfort for those who find sauna heat difficult to enjoy.