One to One Swimming Lessons

Our 1-2-1 swimming lessons are the ideal way to get kids started with swimming. Whether your child is just beginning their swimming journey, or would like a confidence boost before moving to the next stage, 1-2-1 classes are ideal for many

Our 6 week courses can be tailored to suit your child’s needs, no matter what stage they are in their learn to swim journey.

  • Suitable for beginners from ages 3+
  • Improvers who want a boost as they progress through the stages
  • As a confidence boost before that holiday abroad
  • Advanced swimmers who wish to work on stroke and technique
  • Times and dates to suit your needs – you can also stipulate a male or female teacher. Call 01254 385 945 or email for more information or to book your course

Only £120 per 6 week course, If you have 2 children at a similar level, we also offer 1 to 2 lessons.