Sauna & Steam Room

Sauna & Steam Room

Relax in our newly refurbished sauna and steam rooms at Hyndburn Leisure Centre and Mercer Hall Leisure Centre. Use of the sauna and steam room is included in our Lifestyle and Premier Membership Packages.

please note the sauna and steam room at hyndburn leisure centre are closed for refurbishment until january 2018


If you are in reasonable health the benefits of using a sauna are significant. When you take a sauna, the heat increases blood circulation near the skin and stimulates sweating. This helps the body cleanse itself and improves general circulation. Just be sure you drink plenty of water to replace what you are losing.

Steam room

The steam room offers similar benefits of a traditional sauna, yet is ideal for those with breathing difficulties or asthma. As fresh stream moves around the suite, the heat cleanses and refreshes without discomfort for those who find sauna heat difficult to enjoy.

Opening Times

Monday 7am – 2pm Female
  2.45pm – 8.45pm Male
Tuesday 7am – 2pm Male
  2.45pm – 8.45pm Female
Wednesday 7am – 2pm Female
  2.45pm – 8.45pm Male
Thursday 7am – 2pm Male
  2.45pm – 8.45pm Female
Friday 7am – 2pm Female
  2.45pm – 7.45pm Male
Saturday 9am – 4pm Female
Sunday 9am – 3pm Mixed

Sauna/Steam is turned off at 9pm Mon-Thurs/8pm Fri/4pm Sat/3pm Sunday.